Spare Parts for Panasonic SMT Placement MV2F/MPAV/MSR
Many original spare parts in factory packaging including tape guides, sprockets, springs.
Also available- Inoperable feeders available for parts
Calibration Jig # NM-0711 can be included as package deal.
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BGA Rework System
Popular models HGR2000 and Freedom 3000. Very Good condition. Call for details
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Semi-Automatic Screen Printer
Model SPM manufactured by MPM Corp included with vision camera. Also available several models manufactured by Surface Mount Techniques
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Refurbished Panasonic Feeders
Various size feeders for MV2F "K" machine, MV2C
and MPAV. Refurbished by factory trained technician. Call for list. Sold separately or
at bulk rate

Wave Solder, Upgraded for Lead Free
Refurbished from the ground up. Several Models available.